Backup copies


Every week in the US alone, more than 140.00 hard drives stop working.


More than 30% of user, have sufered data lost at one time or the other.

A backup copy protects you from:
  • Human errors.
  • Damage to the files caused by infectios viruses and all types of malware.
  • Theft.
  • Failures in storage the devices.
  •  Other accidents such as fires , floods, etc.

Backup copies are esencial to guarantee theavailability of your data. The backup copies are important because there is a multitude of scenarios that can lead to your data being accessible.

Es totalmente imprescindible disponer de un sistema de copia de seguridad adecuado, con un plan de retención que se ajuste a las necesidades de cada It is absolutely essential to have a system of proper backup , with a retention plan that fits the needs of each company.

A good backup system is not to copy your data on to an external disk and hope that it endures. A good backup should amongst other things:

  1. Be authomatic
  2. Keeping different versions of the files.
  3. Copy the data in different formats and locations.
  4. Have mechanisms to alert if automatic copying can not be performed .

All our solutions are managed by our team so you do not need to worry about the possible loss of data or the daily management of backups .

  • If something goes wrong , we take care of it

  • If anything fails, we make sure that the data is easily accessible and retrievable if necessary .


We provide managed backup services that can be tailored to the needs of all types of businesses.


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